Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sparkling Saturdays: Look What's Coming

While we don't normally use our "Sparkling Saturdays" series to focus on the jewelry industry, this week we want to make sure y'all know about what's coming: the largest jewelry market in the world!

At the end of this month, The Menagerie's owner, Vickie Roan, will travel to Las Vegas to meet with old and new vendors, diamond dealers, and other industry insiders to learn about product trends, the state of the diamond industry, and more.  She'll attend JCK, Luxury, and the Antique Show.

With her focus on customer service, Vickie always loves to shop for specific, hard-to-find items for customers when she's at Market.  She can frequently be heard in the store or on the phone: "I'm going to Market; what do you want me to bring back?"  No focus groups for Miss Vickie!  She just opens the door each morning, asks her customers for their feedback, and builds her success on meeting their needs.

Looking for something special?  Give her a call at the shop to let her know about your heart's desire!