Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tabletop Tuesday: Summer is Coming!

With all of the end of school year madness, we thought we'd focus on the soon to be here lazy days of summer.  You know, to give you something to look forward to.

Long days at the pool, family vacations that will create lasting memories, boating on the lake, running around a splash park...these are some of the ways we like to pass the HOT summer months in Austin, Texas.

Wherever we are, we like to eat and entertain.  So, for the summer, we recommend putting away your formal china and pulling out something fun and practical (that won't break by the pool!).

Our #1 pick is Beatriz Ball.  We LOVE the way it looks (as do our customers!), and, because it's made out of aluminum, it never tarnishes (no polishing!).  Easy to clean - simply wipe with warm water and soap.

Soho Organic Oval Platter by Beatriz Ball
Soho Taxco Bowl by Beatriz Ball, available in large and medium