Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays: To Tell Them or Not to Tell Them?

Some people think we're crazy when we say that it's still traditional not to include registry information on any printed wedding items.  The age-old thinking is that it's rude to ask for gifts; that, instead, one should graciously receive whatever well-wishers want to give, whether it's on your registry or not.

We often get asked: "if that's the case, then, why register at all?"  Valid point.  And that kind of thinking is definitely turning the tide on tradition.

Today, it is much more common to receive a wedding or shower invitation with the registry information printed on an inserted card or on the invitation itself.  While it sometimes feel uncomfortable to let go of old traditions, we do acknowledge how this new tradition has its advantages.

To that end, The Menagerie is pleased to offer complimentary registry cards with your personalized registry information.