Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lifestyle Thursdays: the launches continue!

Did you know that Pantone, the company that codifies our collective color palette, also predicts color trends each year, delineating the groupings by home and fashion?

Pantone's palettes for 2013 include Connoisseur, Sojourn, and Glamour.  To a tea, they all bring together rich, dramatic tones meant to evoke drama in the best sense.  (For more on Pantone's predictions, check out this article.)

Their Color of the Year also reflects a call to drama.  They chose Emerald, the deepest of the deep greens, a color which simultaneously pulls you into its depths and draws you out of yourself: energizing and calling forth creativity.  Emerald is a good color to have around.

Whether you update your lifestyle by adding a pillow, pulling in a charger for your table setting, or throwing on an emerald bead necklace, we encourage you to embrace this trend wholeheartedly.  And, of course, we'd be happy to help!  Here are some of our favorite emerald must-haves:

Tommy Hock by Saint Louis

William Yeoward hand-painted green and gold service plate, 12" diameter

Green agate, diamond, and yellow gold earrings, 2" dangle