Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tabletop Tuesdays & Our New Series

This is the week of LAUNCH.  We're launching six new series!  Tabletop Tuesdays, Wedding Wednesdays, Lifestyle Thursdays, Friday Fun Days, Sparkling Saturdays, and Sunday Brunch.

So, to review, here is our weekly blog roll:

Monday Musings: inspirational quotes and thoughts from the owner;

Tabletop Tuesdays: tips on creating the perfect tabletop presentation plus fun facts about tabletop etiquette and history;

Wedding Wednesdays: wedding trends and ideas, from registries to jewelry;

Lifestyle Thursdays: inspirational ideas for the life you want to live;

Friday Fun Days: we highlight our favorite, out-of-the-ordinary products;

Sparkling Saturdays: latest trends from the jewelry industry plus our favorite pieces of jewelry;

Sunday Brunch: our favorite brunch recipes paired with the perfect place setting.

Be sure to follow us (look right) so that you can get our posts in your inbox.  And tell your friends!  We want to become the premiere blog spot for fine living.  See you tomorrow.  In the meantime, we'll leave you with this thought:

Did you know that in the year 1004 Maria Argyropoulina, the Greek niece of the Byzantine Emperor, brought a set of gold forks with her to Venice as part of her dowry.  When she used them at the wedding feast, she was condemned by the Italian clerics for her lavishness.  She died of the plague two years later, and one rather zealous priest noted that God was condemning her, for she wouldn't even deign to touch her food with her fingers.

As one blogger put it: "Doomed by God for using a fork.  Life was harsh in the 11th century."*