Friday, April 5, 2013

Lifestyle Thursdays: Baby oh Baby

At The Menagerie, we love to highlight the finer things in life.  This doesn't always equal expensive.  More often than not, the finer things in life cost little or nothing.  It's a smile when you're feeling down, a kiss from a loved one, a rainbow on a rainy day.

While we love celebrating these intangible moments, we do like punctuating them with presents (we are a gift store after all!).

For today's lifestyle blurb, we're focusing on presents for babies.  We've chosen gifts that maintain that feeling of special-ness (you won't see these at a big box store), but also fit in with the way most moms do life today.  (In other words, these gifts are a lot more practical than the gifts of, say, the Victorian era.)

Blue Bunny Set, made of lightweight metal so it won't break!

Abbey Round Box, Silverplate: fill it with a first curl or tooth!

This pewter Alphabet Plate harkens back to days when the 3 R's ruled.
The fact that it's pewter means no polishing!

Designed and hand-calligraphed by an Austin artist,
this book is filled with special prayers, just for children.

What about you?  What's your favorite gift to bring to a baby shower?