Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays: The Manner of a Man

We always have a blast when grooms become as involved in picking out their registry items as the brides-to-be.  Thirty years ago most men wouldn't have been caught dead inside a china shop, culling through dish after dish to find the pattern that best reflects 'him'.  But my how times have changed.

Today, more often than not, men and women approach their union with equanimity.  Grooms certainly have an opinion, and, why shouldn't they!?!  They'll be living with the registry choices just as much as we brides do.  Some men have even taken traditional wedding registries to a whole new level.

Yes, we've all heard of tool registries and hunting registries and sporting goods registries.  But did you know that, at The Menagerie, our grooms will sometimes pick out their own set of china?  Or register for hand-crafted, American-made hunting knives?  

Here are just a few examples:

Big Gamer Hunting Knife, 9"

Spode Woodland Quail Dinner Plate

Like I said, we love it when the men make their opinions known!  It makes for a more interesting lift of gift choices, and, ultimately, for a happier marriage in the long run (in our humble opinions)!