Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Brunch: Au Lait!

What's brunch without a good cup of coffee in your hands?  This week we're featuring our favorite coffee mugs in addition to some innovative ways to serve the drink at your Sunday brunch:

New from Bernardaud, the Louvre Latte mug is perfect for enjoying a latte at home.

The Arcades coffee cup and saucer works well for a spring brunch or at holiday time.

"Afternoon Tea" by Anna Weatherley, hand-painted with three-dimensional designs, 
this coffee set could be a centerpiece in and of itself


Disclaimer: All coffees are for a 16 ounce cup of coffee and the milk should be steamed or foamed to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.  Recipes taken from a Tina Samuels on Yahoo's blog.  
Caramel Macchiato 
Fill ¾ full with steamed milk
Pour in ¾ ounce of Vanilla Syrup
Pour in two shots espresso
Top with foamed milk to the rim
Drizzle caramel sauce on foamed milk
Fill with steamed milk
Pour in 2 shots espresso
Top with ¼ inch foamed milk
Fill with steamed milk to ¼ inch from the top
2 shots espresso
2oz mocha syrup
Top with whipped cream
Pour in foamy milk
2 shots espresso
Cafe Au Lait 
8 ounces regular coffee, not espresso
Add steamed milk to just below rim
Cafe Breve 
12 ounces steamed half and half
2 shots espresso
¼ inch of foamed milk
Cafe Americano 
12 ounces hot water
3 shots espresso