Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Retailer during the Holidays: Day Two

Woke up thinking about balance on this first day of December!

Keeping myself balanced is a struggle for me....even when it's not the busy holiday season. I'll forget to eat lunch, or stay up way too late searching the Internet for that perfect gift item I missed at market, or read one of the many magazines I subscribe to so I can keep up with trends. Today the holiday rush begins and all sense of balance flies out the window.

Here are my must do's to feel balanced:
Daily Reading
I read the Bible, but it doesn't have to be the Bible. I just think it helps tremendously to start and end your day with thoughts that lift you outside of yourself, whether it be Scripture or inspirational quotes or even a good biography. This helps me stay centered when I know my to-do list is much longer than my day.
I always make sure I touch base with those people that keep me grounded; whether it's a quick chat on the way into my shop or a rare happy hour with girlfriends, I try my best to stay connected to community.
Making Someone Else Smile
I get to do this more than most, simply by the nature of my business, but I think it's so important for all of us to proactively try to make someone else smile, at least once a day. I tell my staff I want every telephone customer to "hear" a smile when the phone is answered!
Not only is the smile for someone else, but I just had this thought ...smiling makes YOU feel better!!
Hard to smile and be in a bad mood!

And finally, one of my friends is 93 and seems like she's 65! I asked her a few months ago to share her secret to her good health.  Her reply was, "you gotta have balance!" She then quickly said every day she begins her day standing on 1 leg as long as she can and then switches to the other leg staying balanced as long as she can!! I loved that and now have added it to my must do's for balance! Try it!! 

Tomorrow I'll talk about how I choose the annual holiday gifts I bring into the store each year. See you then!