Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Retailer During the Holidays: Day Eleven

Don't ever let anyone tell you retail is boring.
Yesterday, I promised you a story about our "little friend".  Today, I'm going to deliver.  Do you remember how I told you that the weather shifted?  On Monday the temperature dropped something like forty degrees in a matter of hours.  All of us here in Austin were bustling around, trying to get warm ("where did I put those gloves anyway?"), and we all began to get a little more into the Christmas spirit. 
When I say all I do mean all
Our phones went down on Monday.  Inexplicably.  And not just our phones - which are certainly crucial to any retail store, especially during Christmas.  Our internet was out as well.  The saga continued into Tuesday because no one could figure out what in the world was causing the problem.  Until, finally, someone figured it out.
A mouse had crawled into the cable box in order to keep warm.
I can hardly blame the little guy.  It was cold outside and those electric cables are warm.  But still...did it have to be my cable box?  During the holiday season????
This is where you learn to sigh, make sure you smile, and say to yourself NEXT.  Thankfully, I work with a great group of people.  They rolled with it, kept up a positive attitude, and adjusted to keep our little version of Santa's workshop on track for the big day.
Yes, the phone and internet are now working - praise God - and all is well.  Today was another wonderful day in retail land.  Tomorrow I'll tell you about my all-time favorite gift-giving story.  Trust me, it's a doozie.