Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Retailer During the Holidays: Day 16

I've been thinking a lot about family.  That tends to happen around the holidays, doesn't it?  I had amazing, loving parents who have been gone now for twenty-one years, and I miss them so!

I've gone to lots of parties this year.  Tonight I went to one, and I got there at the very end of the party (I had to go meet the last FedEx truck; today was the last day to get shipping out so that it will make it by Christmas!).  Anyway, it was actually great to arrive late because there were fewer people there.  I truly got to visit with the folks who were still at the party.  I made an effort to introduce myself to almost everyone.

Now, what does this have to do with my parents?  Well, my mama used to say as she was getting ready for guests to arrive, "the hostess does all the work before the party; and, once the guests arrive, it's up to each one of them to MAKE the party!"

I hope I made my mama proud tonight!  She had such common-sense wisdom.  Lately, I find myself thinking and acting like her a lot.  She had such big shoes to fill; I hope I'm measuring up!

And about that retail stuff...we had a great day today; I expect another one tomorrow!  Starting at 10 a.m., we're having a sale.  That definitely means there's a party at The Menagerie!  We're serving Poinsettias (Champagne and Cranberry Juice - YUM!), so come join us.  You'll be the one who will MAKE this party!